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. . . whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.  I Cor. 10:31b

April 2003

 Dear friend of KHCS,

 “What would Jesus drive?”  Have you heard that line?  You might think it was a joke, except some people are downright serious about it!

And these professional malcontents even have the gall to claim that drivers of SUV’s are somehow supporting terrorists!  I don’t know about that, but it is true that Saudi petrodollars are used to build mosques in America and Europe.  Maybe that is something about which we should be more concerned.

Actually, the whole SUV issue may go away soon, because the trend now is to “crossover vehicles” that combine the features of an SUV, a mini-van and a station wagon.  Examples now in production or soon to come include the  Audi Allroad Quattro 2.7, Chrysler Pacifica, Infiniti FX/Nissan Murano and Saab 93-X.  Not only are they more economical, but these vehicles are less prone to roll over than standard SUV’s because of their lower center of gravity.

For those of you who want to see what mileage your vehicle gets, check the government website   It shows that the four-liter Ford Expedition gets approximately the same mileage as a Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, Jaguar Vanden Plas, Ford F150 pickup, or Chrysler Town & Country mini-van.  Even big SUV’s like the Cadillac Escalade and Lexus LX470 get better mileage than the current Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, examples of which you can see on El Paseo ‘most every day.

So, “what would Jesus drive?”  Well, to haul himself and 12 disciples around, he would obviously have to use a big passenger van, like a Dodge Ram Wagon 1500.  “What!?” you may be saying; “That only gets 15 mpg!”  Sure, but seven Honda Insights would use twice as much fuel to carry the same number of disciples!

OK, so maybe I’m being just a bit silly about this. But, only to balance the sanctimoniousness that others are applying to this issue.

Actually, the question isn’t “What would Jesus drive, or even “What would Jesus do?”  If that means when facing a decision you ask the question and then try to respond like Jesus would, you’re facing an impossible task.

You see, in all of history, only one Person has ever lived the Christian life!  Okay, the capital “P” gave it away ─ that Person was Jesus.  You can’t do it.  I can’t do it.  Only He can!  That’s why the Gospel means letting Jesus have control of your life, and letting Him live His life in and through you!  (See Galatians 2:20.)

Now, if the question becomes, “Would Jesus have done it that way?” then we can look back at our actions and see if we have really been abiding in Him, and He in us.  That works.  We can look at the life of Jesus and use that as a yardstick to see how closely we have been abiding in Him (1 John 2:6).

Or, we can ask, “What did Jesus do?”  Well, He left His throne in Heaven, came to Earth to be born as a baby, preach the Gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, and wash His disciples’ feet.  He allowed Himself to be flogged, nailed to a cross, and put in a borrowed tomb.  He rose again on the third day, ascended to Heaven, living forever to intercede for us!  That’s what Jesus did! 

Here at the non-commercial, listener-supported ministry of KHCS, our focus is on What Did Jesus Do - and what He is doing in the world today!

I hope that you are among those listeners who have chosen to become Ministry Partners ─ those who have made the decision to support this non-commercial ministry in some way.  We don’t presume to tell you, or even suggest, how much or how often you should contribute.  That’s between you and the Lord.  All we ask is that you will pray about contributing to KHCS and follow the Lord’s leading.

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Thank you for praying, and for inviting your friends to tune in.

In His joy!

Glen Kippel

Glen Kippel
General Manager