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April 2007 

Dear Friend of KHCS, Easter is upon us!  This is the most important of Christian Holidays!  As the Apostle Paul wrote in 1st Corinthians 15:14, “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.”  Christ did raise and those who put their trust in Him as Savior know they will have eternal life with him forever.  This is the message KHCS has for the Coachella Valley.

Since 1993, KHCS has been putting on Christian programming that has been uplifting with information and inspiration that is meant to glorify God.  There are hundreds of stations around the country that are also doing this.  Many Christian music artists are constantly coming on the scene with new music appealing to a broader group of people. 

Tony Anderson, a Staff Writer for the Daily News, wrote an article that appeared in one of the newspapers I receive that shows Hollywood executives finally realize the public wants more uplifting and spiritual fare.  In the three years since Mel Gibson released “The Passion of the Christ,” hundreds of films with Judeo-Christian, spiritual and family-friendly themes have hit the screen – from “The Nativity Story” to “Amazing Grace.”

Anderson goes on to say that last year alone, nearly 50 films featured positive Judeo-Christian content that producers hoped would appeal to the estimated 110 million Americans who attend church every week, according to Movieguide. 

“People are gravitating to anything that gives them hope, inspiration, motivation or a sense of light,” said Mark Clayman, executive producer of “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

To meet the demand, 20th Century Fox recently launched Fox Faith Movies, which plans to release a dozen faith-based films a year.  Last fall, the Walt Disney Company also announced it would focus more on family-oriented and faith-based movies.

One producer stated, “this is a diverse nation, and for the past decades, Christians have shunned Hollywood.  All we are saying is: ‘Why shun Hollywood?  Let’s go to Hollywood and take a seat at the table.’”  Another producer said, he thinks the public is welcoming Hollywood’s attention to more uplifting and inspirational movies and TV shows.

I recently received a list of Christians who have made great strides in the media and entertainment business.  They are doing well because people want the kind of entertainment that is uplifting and spiritual. 

For years Christians have had to put up with the violence, sex and terrible language because the Hollywood crowd thought that was what people wanted and it would bring in the big bucks.  Now they are finding bigger bucks come from people with morality and particularly the Christian community.  Christians should support these people as they try and put an influence on our society that can turn the tide of immorality to good.

Here at KHCS we are constantly trying to give our listeners programs and information that honors God and edifies the Christian community.  We have added some new music during the last couple of month including some Southern Gospel music that we have received several positive comments about.  This next month we will be adding a couple more short inspirational features including a new one from Chuck Swindoll.  Your comments about our programming are always welcome.

If you find KHCS to be a blessing to you and you have not been a supporter recently, I would encourage you to pray about becoming a regular monthly supporter of this ministry.  KHCS is a non-profit ministry that is only for the Coachella Valley and we cannot operate if God’s people do not support it.  Please pray about becoming a ministry partner.  May this Easter Season will be a blessing to each of you as we celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His joy,


Dan Pike

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