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. . . and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus,
and for the word of God, and had not worshipped the beast . . .     Rev. 20:4

August 2004

Dear friend of KHCS,

It’s difficult to write this.  But you have no doubt heard about the recent wave of beheadings committed by observant Muslims.

Journalist Daniel Pearl in Pakistan . . . engineer Nicholas Berg and translator Kim Sun-il in Iraq . . . helicopter mechanic Philip Johnson, Jr. in Saudi Arabia.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Similar jihad-inspired barbarism occurs around the globe daily.  From Christians in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nigeria to Hindu priests and “unveiled” Hindu women in Kashmir no “infidel” is safe. 

And this is not just a new phenomenon.  These gruesome acts go back to the founding of Islam, when Mohammed commanded the beheading of the Jewish Qurayza tribe in Arabia because they refused to convert to Islam.  The Qur’an commands, “When you encounter those (infidels) who deny (Islam) then strike (their) necks.”  (Surah 47:4)

And in the 16th Century, Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire in India, wrote, “Those who were brought in alive [having surrendered] were ordered beheaded, after which a tower of skulls was erected in the camp.” 

You have to realize that, according to Islamic dogma, you and I are “infidels.”  And as such, we are potential targets for this kind of Muslim butchery.  The Qur’an commands it!

Is this a fulfillment of the Biblical prophecy from the book of Revelation, given at the top of this letter?  I don’t know but it is possible.

But here’s the big question:  Would you deny the Lord Jesus Christ to keep your head?  The choice really comes down to: would you rather keep your head and lose your soul?  That makes the decision easier, doesn’t it?

This is the time to stand firm on the Word of God, not the spurious claims of the Qur’an on the Son of God, not some self-proclaimed “prophet” on the one true, living God, not the false god “Allah.”

These last days are also the time to support the work of Christ, starting with your local church fellowship.  The non-commercial ministry of Joy 92-FM is also in need of extra tax-deductible contributions. 

While we are now broadcasting from our new location, there is still much work left to be done to complete this transition.  We also need to report that funding for our move is still many thousand dollars short of what is needed.

I know that August is typically a “lean” time for many ministries, especially here in the Coachella Valley.  I pray that in spite of this, you will be able to send an extra-generous contribution this month. 

Your generous support enables KHCS to keep on serving you with Information and Inspiration, 24 hours a day!

In His joy!

Glen Kippel

Glen Kippel
General Manager