The Desert's Christian Radio


February 2007

Dear friend of KHCS,

The beginning of 2007 has already seen many changes that are going on around the world and in our nation.  In our country we have a new Congress that wants to have a new agenda.  This new agenda has some views which are detrimental to Christian values and to our freedom.

It is important for the Christian everywhere to keep up with and be knowledgeable about events in our country and around the world that will affect our freedoms and the cause of Christ.  Here at KHCS, our mission, in part, is to keep you informed so you will be able to communicate to others less informed, but most importantly, to keep our leaders and the issues that affect our Christian values in prayer.

As Christians and citizens of our great country, we cannot just lie back and let those who oppose Christian values run over us.  We have the right and obligation, to let our voices be heard!

But we also have the obligation, when we speak out, to make sure that we have our facts straight.

Thatís why your keeping in touch by listening to KHCS is so important.

Nearly every hour of the day and night, you can hear the latest news plus news of religious interest. This news coverage is unique to KHCS in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas ─ you cannot hear it on any other station.

We now are also airing special news events such as the Presidentís speech on Iraq and the State of the Union address.  This means if you are not in front of your TV, you donít have to miss them.

In addition, we broadcast Mission Network News and Washington Watch four times daily, also Chuck Colsonís Breakpoint commentary along with the Cal Thomas Commentary on current events.

On weekends you can hear information on the latest court challenges on Jay Sekulow Weekend, followed by riveting interviews on Issues in Education.

Of course, all this information needs to be put in Biblical perspective, and thatís why we air teaching programs by Chuck Swindoll, D. James Kennedy, Ravi Zacharias, and others.

We want to thank all of those who took the time to send in the Program Survey from last month.  It is a big help for us to know the value of these programs to you, our listeners and supporters.

One big disappointment this last month is that we are not able to put our programming on the Internet through our website.  The Federal Copyright Laws for 2007 were changed which requires reporting information that we simply do not have.  Until some changes are made, we will not be able to continue this service.

You need to know that as a non-commercial, listener-supported ministry, Joy 92-FM can only keep on bringing you Information and Inspiration, 24 hours a day, because listeners like you share so generously to pay for our operating expenses.

I pray that you will join with our other Ministry Partners this year by regularly contributing to KHCS.  We are still attempting to overcome the deficit of the past 2 years.  Every dollar that you provide is urgently needed and will be wisely used in continuing this service to you.

Please let us hear from you soon!

In His joy,


Dan Pike

Mailing Address:
KHCS - Joy92
PO Box 2507
Palm Springs, CA  92263