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Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s. - Matt. 21:21 NIV

November 2004

Dear friend of KHCS,

Why vote? 

Many people say Christians shouldn’t be involved in “politics.”  If they mean “my political party, right or wrong,” then they may have a point.

But, if they mean that Christians shouldn’t be involved in issues of public concern, they couldn’t be more wrong.  It was Christians, primarily, that brought an end to racial segregation.  Before that, the denial of women’s right to vote.  And before that, slavery.  Is anyone prepared to say that Christians shouldn’t have been involved in these public policy issues?

In a few days, you will have the opportunity to vote for people who will (hopefully) represent you in our houses of government.  While much attention has been given to the contest for President and Vice-President, there are other offices to consider.  This year we also have the opportunity to vote for a United States Senator as well as representatives to state Senate and Assembly, as well as other offices.

While it is not my function to instruct you how to vote, may I ask do the people you plan to vote for share your beliefs regarding abortion?  Do you support “a woman’s right to choose _______”?   (Notice how they never complete the sentence.)  There are several candidates who believe like you do.  Are you pro-life? Then you have fewer choices.   

Do you want representatives who will stand for traditional marriage, or do you prefer those who will allow marriage for everybody, regardless of sex, age or familial relationship?

Do you want a President who will nominate judges who believe the Constitution means what it says, or judges who make up new laws as they go along, and refuse to listen to the will of the people?  As in the judge in Louisiana who overruled 78% of that state’s voters in the matter of homosexual “marriage.”  Or the California judges who ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance is “unconstitutional.”  Do you want those kind of judges?  Yes or no?

How about stem-cell research?  And may I interject, there is no ban on stem cell research.  Anyone wishing to engage in embryonic stem cell research can do so; they just cannot, at this time, fund research on newly-developed cells using government money.  Embryonic stem cell research requires the destruction of early human life and hasn’t produced anything remotely resembling a cure.   Adult stem cell research is producing results, and it does not require the killing of human life.  Can you vote for somebody who doesn’t seem to know the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells?

As an encouragement to vote, may I quote from a recent newsletter from Voice of the Martyrs:   “Here in the United States, God has granted us the privilege to choose our leaders.  What better way to honor that gift than by exercising the right our brothers and sisters in Muslim and communist nations are denied?  When we visit persecuted believers around the world, they often tell us they appreciate the United States of America a nation that stands for freedom, one that brings them hope and encouragement.  They thank God for our example.  What example are you willing to be for them?”

Also, if you have not done so yet, take time to vote for your favorite programs in our 2005 Program Survey.  Your input and suggestions will help us plan our programming lineup for the year to come.   If you need extra copies of the survey form for other family members, you can print these out by going to our website, and clicking on last month’s newsletter.

You also cast your vote for this ministry by supporting it with your faithful financial contributions.  Because of this year’s extra expenses in moving, our overall financial picture could be better.  Please pray about how you might be able to contribute this month, and give as the Lord directs.

Thank you for being such a faithful listener to KHCS!

In His joy!

Glen Kippel

Glen Kippel
General Manager

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