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Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you.  I Jn. 3:13

October, 2004

Dear friend of KHCS,

Hate! How often we hear the word nowadays. We hear of “hate crime” - as if there was such a thing as a “love crime.”

This makes the penalty for committing crimes against members of certain groups of people punishable to a greater degree than if they were a different group. This is fairness? This is equality under the law?

Then there is “hate speech.” Right now, in Canada, it is illegal to publicly read certain verses from the Bible! Yes, the Bible is “hate speech.”

Yet, I have been called “hateful,” “mean-spirited,” “self-righteous” and a “Nazi” for proclaiming the truth about abortion. You mean, it isn’t “hate speech” when it’s directed toward a Christian? Isn’t this a double standard?

And you know there are groups (maybe you can think of one or two) that call themselves victims of “hate” and “discrimination” just because the rest of the American people won’t let them have everything their way! Isn’t that sad?

How many of you who are parents give your children everything they ask for? And when you don’t, does that mean you hate them? Of course not.

God’s standards are given to us to be a blessing, not a curse. Standing up for the teachings of Scripture is not hate!

On the other hand, motorists who drive around with bumper stickers saying “George Bush Go To Hell” and “F____ Cheney” have no business calling anyone else “hate-filled” or “mean-spirited”!

Even though some of the topics we cover on KHCS may be difficult ones, we do not do so because we hate anyone. If you saw someone about to drink poison, warning them is not hate! However, not warning them might be! I think that some people are so concerned about “speaking the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15) that they are afraid to speak at all. Cowardice is not love!

Now to change the subject, just because we began operating from our new our studio in July doesn’t mean that there is nothing left to be accomplished. We had to move quickly in order to stay on the air. This meant that we had to concentrate on purchasing and installing broadcast equipment. Little amenities like blinds for the windows, lighting fixtures and other items are being added as funds permit.

Your generous financial support through the end of this year will help us pay for all the expenses of our move.

Please also take time to fill in and return our annual Program Survey. Just click the link below to open a PDF document you can print out and mail in (you will need Adobe Reader - a free program from Adobe).  Click logo below to download Adobe Reader.  Note that even though it is still 2004, it is our “2005 Joy 92 Program Survey.” That’s because it will provide the necessary information for us to determine the programming on KHCS for the next year.

Our program schedule is not etched in stone. If we determine that any program is not very popular, we will not hesitate to remove it from the schedule and replace it with another program that may be of more interest to our listeners. So, even as your vote for our political leaders counts, so does your vote for your most favorite programs.

And, unlike most “surveys” you receive, we do not ask that you return it with a financial contribution. We honestly want your input; this is not a fund-raising tool.

However, your tax-deductible contributions to this ministry are needed now more than ever. If you are able to provide a generous contribution at this time, you can be sure that it will be gratefully accepted and will be used to further the ministry of Joy 92-FM.

In His joy!

Glen Kippel

Glen Kippel
General Manager

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