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Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! - Josh 1:9a NASB

September 2003

Dear friend of KHCS,

As we approach the second anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America, you can still hear many contradictory statements about it.

Perhaps the most bizarre is the claim made, by some, that our President and his Cabinet engineered the 9/11 attack as an excuse to institute martial law in America and take away our freedoms!  I believe this is incredibly paranoid.

Just as incredible is the prevalent Arab belief that the attack was a joint operation of the CIA and Israeli Mossad, to blame “innocent” Muslims and provide America with an excuse for an all-out war against Islam.

Therefore, they believe that any Islamic attack on Western interests is simply in retaliation and self-defense.  If that’s true, then the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to retaliate for our dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.  Duh!

Sheikh Abu Hamza, at the Finsbury Park mosque in London, stated that it is not only permissible, but a religious duty for Muslims to kill non-Muslims and take their property.  Sheikh Ahmed Yassin also said, “Jihad is a Fard [compulsory duty] on each one to establish the rule of Allah on earth . . .”

So, Osama bin Laden and other Islamic leaders want the United States to cease its support for the nation of Israel.  This would simply assure that the Arabs could annihilate the Israelis, as I mentioned in last month’s letter.

And they want America to convert to Islam.  Yeah, right!  You can expect that to come right after the first All-Hades Ice-Skating Championships!

Almost all Moslems believe that the phony document, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is a blueprint for Jewish domination of the world. 

Never mind that the Quraan is the blueprint for Islamic imperialism and colonialism.  Yes, since Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last prophet that will ever be; and that the Quraan supersedes and abrogates the Bible and the Tawrah; then it is only logical that no other god than Allaah should be worshipped anywhere and that everyone will be either Muslim or dead.

That is what jihaad is all about.

You see, even if America gave in to terrorist demands that we withdraw military forces from the Middle East and our support from Israel, would that bring about peace with the Islamists?  No, that would just encourage them to demand that if we do not convert to Islam, they will nuke our cities.  Are you ready for that?  I’m not.  I will not follow the false god Allaah

And in spite of the rhetoric from some Muslim organizations about how the religion of Islam is peaceful, it has been all talk and no action.  If a small minority of Muslims are giving the rest a bad reputation, they should be taking active steps to protect their reputation.  If the “good” Muslims will not fight the “bad” Muslims, then eventually the West will have to fight all Muslims. 

Please understand that I don’t hate Muslims.  It grieves me that they are held captive to an oppressive, Satanic cult.  Alright, why do I claim Christianity is  superior to Islam?  Look at this: the Quraan uses the word “religion” hundreds of times.  The King James Bible only three times!  That’s because true Christianity isn’t a religion it’s a relationship!  

And that’s why KHCS isn’t here to promote one particular denomination, ritual or liturgy.  Our goal is to point you to Jesus and to encourage your personal, heartbeat-to-heartbeat relationship with Him.  Also, to share practical ways that, in His power, you can use to impact our society and our world. 

Please remember, your generous, faithful support of this non-commercial ministry helps us keep providing this uplifting programming to you, to the rest of the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas.

We don’t ask you for a pledge only a prayerful decision that you will do your part.  Please consider how Joy 92-FM has been a blessing in your life and share accordingly in this ministry.  And please invite a friend to listen!

In His joy!

Glen Kippel

Glen Kippel
General Manager